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November 24, 2009 - Dance Premier League – visit by thalassaemic chi

30 children suffering from Thalassaemia Major, each accompanied by a parent, made the trek to R.K. Studios on the morning of 24th November 2009. This was in response to an invitation received by Think Foundation from Sony Entertainment Television. The invitation was at the initiative of Ms. Pori Shah, Manager OAP and Mr. Avi Sandhu, Executive Producer.

Dance Premier League is an extremely popular television programme which provides a platform for youngsters to showcase their prowess at dancing. The celebrity judges who rate the dancers add both glamour and expertise. Todays' programme focussed on the cause of Thalassaemia. The children and their parents sat among the audience to cheer and appreciate the participants of Dance Premier League. Hussain Kuwajerwala, the anchor and a celebrity himself, interacted with the children and tried to get an understanding of the problem of Thalassaemia. As part of anchoring the show, he showed his understanding of the disorder by making an appeal to youngsters who were watching the show to get a blood test done for Thalassaemia Minor. He went on to explain that two healthy youngsters (the father and mother), who did not know that they were Thalassaemia Minor were responsible for the birth of a Thalassaemia Major child.

The performances of the dancers kept the children glued to their seats till late in the evening. But the most thrilling moment for the children came when they met the celebrity judges, Rani Mukherjee and Shiamak Davar.

The smile on the faces of the children was there for all to see. For the children, it was a day when they could forget their transfusions and injections and have fun. But for those working for the cause of thalassaemia, it was an opportunity to tell the general public that the subject of thalassaemia was important for all youngsters.

Think Foundation is grateful to Sony Entertainment Television for their support to the cause of Thalassaemia. We are also grateful to Pori Shah, Avi Sandhu and Vinita for their personal involvement in making the whole experience as comfortable as possible for the children and their parents.