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Want to Donate Blood
A Blood Donor should not wait for a call. He should donate blood when he is ready. It would be advisable to put down the date of your last blood donation in your diary. You could then plan for your next blood donation three months after that date.

You could donate blood by :

  1. Going to the nearest Blood Bank and donating blood as a voluntary donor. List of all Blood Banks is provided in this website.
  2. Visiting the nearest Blood Donation Drive, which you are aware of.
  3. Calling Think Foundation and finding out where we have our next Blood Drive

If you wish to register yourself as a potential donor, you could register yourself on line. However, please do not hold yourself back from donating blood when the opportunity arises in the form of a blood donation drive or when you are near a blood bank. When you so donate blood, you are ensuring that the blood units are already available when the emergency arises. In the event of a call being made to you from our office, we will check with you if you have donated blood in the past 3 months.

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