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December 24, 2016 - Picnic for thalassaemics cured of Hepatitis C

Christmas Eve was very special for patients of Thalassaemia Major who had emerged successful in their fight against Hepatitis C. They were taken to the Imagica Theme Park, Khopoli on a picnic organized by Children’s Liver Foundation in collaboration with Think Foundation. The Park, spread over 130 hectares, with indoor shows, thrills, rides, slides, and entertainment, was just the right place for celebration of victory by thalassaemia patients.

The fun started very early in the morning as a chartered bus made its way from point to point to pick the children for the ride to the Theme Park. While the bus made its 90 minute journey to Khopoli, the children were in a world of their own. The dancing and singing inside the bus had to take a break as the bus reached a “McDonald’s” on the way. The children, parents and members of both Foundations had breakfast before trooping back into the bus for completing the amusement-filled journey to Imagica Theme Park.

Imagica PicnicThe excitement reached fever pitch as the bus reached the Park. Children formed groups of their own and charted their routes through various rides, shows and entertainment programmes. The break for lunch at Imagica Banquets helped everyone recharge their stomachs and batteries; and the rides in the afternoon were pursued with even greater vigour. Dr. Aabha Nagral of Children’s Liver Foundation, who was instrumental in helping patients in their fight against Hepatitis C, was with the group all the way. Patients and parents had the opportunity to have their questions addressed by Dr. Nagral in a relaxed environment. By late evening, there were smiles all round, which dropped momentarily on the knowledge of having to leave the Park. But once inside the bus it was back to singing and dancing all the way back home. 

The picnic was the culmination of a project undertaken by Children’s Liver Foundation and supported by Think Foundation. The introduction of Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs) in India was the starting point of the project to treat thalassaemia patients who were also carrying the Hepatitis C (Hep C) virus.

Think Foundation is in touch with all patients of Thalassaemia Major in Mumbai. Tests for Hep C Antibodies, prescribed in the guidelines for management of Thalassaemia Major, had shown almost 12 % of thalassaemia patients in Mumbai to be also living with Hep C. Tests for Viral Load (Quantitative RNA) and Genotype were carried out for those who had tested positive for Hep C Antibodies. This was possible due to sponsorship support received by Think Foundation from the Rotary Club of Mumbai Lakers, Powai. Patients who were in need of treatment with DAAs were then entrusted in the care of Dr. Aabha Nagral of Children’s Liver Foundation (CLF). All patients were treated free of cost by CLF, who managed to raise the funds for medicines and had the expertise to manage the patients.

Our Foundation is extremely grateful to Children’s Liver Foundation. We also appreciate the support given by the Rotary Club of Mumbai Lakers, Powai