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Want to donate blood

A Blood Donor should not wait for a call. He should donate blood when he is ready. It would be advisable to put down the date of your last blood donation in your diary. You could then plan for your next blood donation three months after that date.

You could donate blood by:

  1. Going to the nearest Blood Bank and donating blood as a voluntary donor. List of all Blood Banks is provided in this website.
  2. Visiting the nearest Blood Donation Drive, which you are aware of.
  3. Calling Think Foundation and finding out where we have our next Blood Drive.

If you wish to register yourself as a potential donor, you could register yourself on line. However, please do not hold yourself back from donating blood when the opportunity arises in the form of a blood donation drive or when you are near a blood bank. When you so donate blood, you are ensuring that the blood units are already available when the emergency arises. In the event of a call being made to you from our office, we will check with you if you have donated blood in the past 3 months.

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Desired Freq of Donation

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Procedure for donating blood

  1. Fill up the Blood Donor Questionnaire. Answer all the questions truthfully.
  2. Get your weight checked.
  3. Get your Haemoglobin checked.
  4. Get your Blood Pressure (BP) checked.
  5. Collect your Blood Bag.
  6. Proceed towards the Blood Donation Cot.
  7. Donate blood. This will take 4-5 minutes.
  8. Keep your hand folded at the elbow and raised after blood donation.
  9. Rest on the cot for 4-5 minutes after blood donation.
  10. Get the plaster fixed at the blood donation site.
  11. Consume the refreshments provided.
  12. Collect your Certificate.
  13. Thank You.

Tips for Potential Donors

Drink Extra fluids before your donation.
You can begin to drink extra fluids the day before your donation. Water and juices are great, but try to avoid a lot of caffeine.

Be sure to eat !
Don’t skip breakfast on the day of your donation. Your body will need extra energy to donate a unit of blood. You will also feel better after donating if you have eaten a meal a few hours before.

No strenuous exercise before or after donating.
If you exercise before donating, be sure to drink even more fluids to replace what you lost during your workout.

Don’t drink hot liquids, smoke or chew gum just prior to donating.
This can cause your temperature to be falsely elevated.

Wear comfortable clothing.
Wear clothing with sleeves that can be easily rolled up above the elbow, as well as something that you will feel comfortable in, while on the cot during the donation process.

Relax !
You may feel a little nervous, especially if this is your first time donating blood. Most people find that donating blood is much easier than they imagined.