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What We Do - Open Day Care Centres
Starting New Day Care Centres

Day Care Centres play the very vital role of providing blood transfusions and monitoring children living with Thalassaemia Major. Children who are registered with Day Care Centres can expect to receive comprehensive treatment in a systematic manner. They will not have to go through the procedure of getting admitted to the hospital and waiting for the blood units to be made available, all of which will mean missing out on school.

Most Day Care Centres were concentrated in South Mumbai. There were vast areas in Mumbai where there were no Day Care Centres. This meant that thalassaemic children and their parents had to travel large distances for getting blood transfusions. It was necessary to have a better geographical spread of Day Care Centres.

Think Foundation has been responsible for making proposals to existing Blood Banks, which are attached to Hospitals/Clinics for opening Day Care Centres for Thalassaemic children. Dr. Ravi's Hospital at Vasai, the Mahatma Gandhi Seva Mandir Blood Bank at Bandra, Prabodhan Blood Bank at Goregaon and the Sarvodaya Hospital Samarpan Blood Bank at Ghatkopar have taken the initiative of starting new Day Care Centres and running them efficiently. Today, more than 100 children attached to these Centres are able to receive treatment in convenient and comfortable environments. Think Foundation has received assurances for opening of four more Day Care Centres.

Think Foundation in association with the Department of Pediatrics, LTMG Hospital had organized a workshop for all New Day Care Centres and for proposed Centres. Dr. Mamta Manglani conducted the workshop, wherein all aspects of running a Day Care Center were covered. All participants were handed a CD, which detailed the protocol for treatment of thalassaemic children.

Supporting Existing Day Care Centres

Think Foundation is in touch with all the existing Day Care Centres. Through interaction with the heads of the Day Care Centres, Think Foundation is able to identify specific facilities to be provided to improve the conditions at the Centres. We have been able to provide Air-conditioners, electric installations, televisions, cassette library, blood sets etc. to various Day Care Centres.