Think Foundation
What We Do - Thalassaemia Minor Screening Camps
During the one-year period January to December 2008, Think Foundation organized 156 Thalassaemia Minor Awareness and Screening Camps and screened more than 32000 persons for Thalassaemia Minor. Each of these camps involved :

  • Display of Posters – days before the Camp.
  • Lectures from department to department or classroom to classroom – days before the Camp.
  • Collection of blood samples by our team - on the day of the camp.
  • Dispatch of reports after receipt from the Laboratory.
  • Counseling of those detected as Thalassaemia Minor.

Think Foundation runs a structured programme for screening of college students for Thalassaemia Minor. This starts with a Seminar at the beginning of the academic year for the NSS programme Officers of all colleges in Mumbai University. During the entire academic year, colleges call us for Awareness and Screening Programmes for their students. The steps mentioned above for the camps are carried out in each college.

Our association with corporates for blood donation drives has facilitated in creating awareness about Thalassaemia Minor amongst employees. While Camps have been conducted in many corporates, Cap Gemini Consulting and Syntel have carried out extensive Awareness and Screening Camps for their employees in the calendar year 2008. These exercises have benefited their employees, for whom the revelation of being Thalassaemia Minors will protect their future families.

Think Foundation has carried out Awareness and Screening Camps in residential areas and public places to benefit the general public.