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What We Do - Awareness Lectures

Most people think Thalassaemia is about a child who is Thalassaemia Major and who needs life-long blood transfusions for survival. While this is true, Thalassaemia is more importantly about two healthy youngsters who did not know that they were Thalassaemia Minor. Awareness amongst youngsters of the fact that they could be Thalassaemia Minor even if they are healthy can prevent Thalassaemia Major.

Think Foundation organizes awareness lectures in colleges, offices, residential areas, Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs etc. These lectures are aimed at healthy youngsters. In the last one year, personnel from Think Foundation have delivered more than 500 lectures

A Full session on Thalassaemia Minor comprises of a 30 minute lecture followed by a ‘Question & Answer’ session for 15 minutes. The lectures from classroom to classroom in colleges are of 10-minute duration.

Awareness Material
Posters and Booklets for creating awareness about prevention of Thalassaemia Major is designed and printed by Think Foundation and made available to those interested in creating awareness.