Think Foundation
Coordinate the Lifesavers Club

The Lifesavers Club is a very exclusive club of Platelet Donors, which was instituted by the State Blood Transfusion Council at the initiative of Think Foundation. It is coordinated by our organization. We deliver lectures and presentation on the importance of Platelet Donation and enroll members on the Club.

Hospitals, which have the facility for Platelet Donation, contact us for donors. Sometimes patients and their relatives calls us directly, in which case we speak to the concerned Blood Bank and establish the need for platelet donation. Our office then contacts members of the Lifesavers Club and identifies donors who can satisfy the need.

The Lifesavers Club is the only Club of its kind in India. Its members understand the process of platelet donation through ‘Apheresis’, and are willing to stand by and respond to emergency calls. Their commitment can be appreciated by the fact that the entire process of Platelet Donation takes a commitment of time for submitting a blood sample, waiting for test results for about an hour, followed by the process of Platelet Donation over a period of 1:30 hrs.